24 July 2017

10 Steps to Changing Your Oil

Lift your car

Above all, do not forget to lock your wheels!
Next, place the jack under the front lifting point. Lift your car, making sure it stays stable.

Place a drain pan under the engine

Beneath the oil outlet, place a drain pan or other suitable container to collect the old oil.

Source: Overblog

Open the oil tank

Remove the cap.


Remove the housing screw and let the oil drain

Locate and remove the screw. Your old oil will drain into your container.

Source: Overblog

Replace the housing screw

Once the oil has drained, replace the screw.


Remove the oil filter

Locate and remove the oil filter. It there is any used oil in your filter, pour it into your container.

Source: Forum Auto

Put the new filter

Lubricate the round seal of the new filter first. Insert the new filter and screw it in.


Pour the new oil

Pour the new oil into the tank, depending on the amount specified in your manual, then close the tank. Make sure there are no leaks.

Source: Côté pneus et mécanique

Check oil level

Start your car and check that the oil indicator is closed.
Then, let your car rest and take out the metal rod from the crankcase to check the oil level.


Get rid of the used oil

Go to a recycling center to leave your used oil there.

Source: Guide Auto