11 July 2022

What your car says about your personality

Have you ever thought about what others think when they see your car? Like the way you dress, your car is an extension of your personality, and it says a lot about who you are. From the color to the type of car you drive to the state of your car, there are a lot of things that can be determined about you.


According to many psychologists, there’s nothing trivial about the color of your car: it’s a manifestation of your personality. Here’s a list of colors and what they say about your personality.

Black: Elegance, class, sophistication. Even though black is a classic color, it can be associated with the words elegance, class, sophistication, power and luxury. Often seen in formal and prestigious events, this color seduces by its elegance and luxurious feel. Looks are important to you, and you wish to be seen as someone who’s elegant and sophisticated.

Grey or silver: Futurist, technology-driven, practical. With this color, dirt is easier to hide. Silver reminds of stainless steel that can be found on most technological devices. This is your color if you don’t want dirt to be seen and if you want a vehicle with a more futuristic and technologic appearance.

White: Purity, simplicity, cleanliness. You’re someone who likes the simple things in life. If you chose this color, you’re someone who’s open minded ant you appreciate a modern and clean life.

Red: Passion, energy. You enjoy life to the fullest and you’re someone who’s passionate, joyful and energetic. You’re not afraid of what people think and you do everything with intensity.

Blue: Peace, trust, calm. Like the color of the sky and the sea, blue is a calm, relaxing and peaceful color. You are probably someone who likes tranquility and your alone time to recharge.

Yellow: Happiness, optimism. You are someone who’s happy and you want it to be reflected with your choice of car. You tend to see the glass half full. Your mantra is “Don’t worry be happy”.

Type of car

Pick-up trucks: Many stereotypes are associated with pick-ups. Involuntarily, you may fit in one of those stereotypes. You are someone who likes those vehicles and there’s a good chance that you work in construction or that your work requires you to transport a lot og material.

Minivan: You appreciate the presence of others. You’re probably someone who has a big family and you wish to have a spacious car to fit in everything you need for when you go out with your family.

SUV: Security is a top priority for you. There is no way that you’ll have a smaller vehicle in which you’ll fear for your safety. That is why you prefer to have a bigger vehicle.

Luxury car: You like to treat yourself. No matter your status, you like to spend to have the finer things in life. How others perceive you is very important to you and you like to show that you’re successful.

Electric vehicle: This isn’t a secret to anyone, if you own an electric vehicle, chances are you’re someone who wants to reduce their ecological footprint. You may also be someone who’s tired of paying for gas.


State of your car

Nothing is out of place in your car: you’re someone for whom cleanliness is important. You don’t like to be messy in your life and the same can be said about your car.

A lot of objects in your car: “Hold on, let me move things around” is what you always say to your friends and family before they get in your car. If you have a lot of food wrappers and cups, you are someone who doesn’t mind being messy, who scatters and who’s very busy. If you have a lot of accessories in your car, you’re someone who likes to be prepared. You don’t like being caught off guard and not having what you need when you need it.

Stickers and personalized license plate: Whether it’s a sticker of your favorite team, doodles, a political sticker or a personalized license plate, every sticker or adds on to your car is an extension of your personality. Adding stickers is a way for you to express a political position or to show your support towards something. You’re someone who’s not afraid of what others think and to show your colors. The same applies to your personalized plate.