20 November 2023

How many hours per year do we spend in traffic ?

We spend a lot of time on the road on a daily basis and this makes us question how long we really are stuck in traffic.

According to a report issued by the GPS manufacturer TomTom for the year 2022, in Montreal, a person spends on average 180 hours per year in traffic. More precisely, it takes on average 18 min 50 sec for one person to drive 10 km. This is an increase of 10 seconds compared to 2021.

Credit : CTV News

Montreal takes the 4th place in the ranking of the time required to travel 10 km during rush hour. Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg are the first three cities at the top of this Canadian ranking.

In North America, Mexico City in Mexico is at the top of this ranking, followed by the cities of New York and Toronto. Montreal takes the 8th place and Quebec City is 41st with an average time of 111 hours per year.

Globally, Montreal is ranked 80th among cities that spend the most time in traffic jams, while Toronto is 30th.

When you think about it, 180 hours equals 7.5 days, which means we spend a week per year in traffic ! Do you think this number will increase for the report of 2023 ?