11 May 2016

10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Forever

Want to keep your vehicle as long as possible?
Follow these tips!

Take Good Care of Your Vehicle

To make sure that your vehicle is in good condition, do your maintenance regularly.
At least once a year, while doing your oil change, inspect your car. We recommend you to check the fluids, props, lights, brakes, wheels, exhaust system, steering, suspension, chassis and the engine group.





Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

To prepare for winter, apply a treatment against salt on your rubber, plastic and metal parts. Salt can cause corrosion or rust on your vehicle.


Check Your Liquids

Every six months, check the levels of your important liquids: washer, oil and brake fluid.



Pay Attention to Unusual Noises

If you hear an unusual noise when driving your vehicle, go to your mechanic to investigate the problem. You’re better safe than sorry!



Pay Attention to Your Battery

Whenever possible, do not park your vehicle outside in extreme temperatures.
Also, make sure your battery is clean. If you detect signs of corrosion, clean it.


Shelter Your Car from Humidity and Rust

Moisture can cause corrosion on your car. So, ideally, store your car safely on dry ground.


Clean Your Car

Take time to wash your car, especially when spring comes! With a pressure washer, be sure to clean the mud on the rims.



Visually Check Your Vehicle

Check the tires and cables from time to time and make sure that everything is in good condition!



At Least Once a Month, Drive Your Vehicle on the Highway

It is important to drive the vehicle on the highway to warm the engine and eliminate the condensation that can damage the internal mechanical parts of the engine.


In Summer and Winter, Run Your Heater and Air Conditioner

During winter, keep your air conditioning system well-lubricated by operating it twice for 5 minutes. It will help prevent this system’s failure. During the summer, do not forget to operate the heater in your vehicle twice for 5 to 10 minutes.