20 June 2017

3 Steps to Follow When Teaching Your Teens to Drive

We know that teaching your teens how to drive could get quite stressful, yet as a responsible parent, this is a matter that must be taken seriously. Soon, your son or daughter will be seated in front of a steering wheel, waiting for your instructions and directives. We suggest that you follow these tips, in order to ace this challenging step, in both of your lives.

Vehicle features

Before even pressing on the gas pedal, review the controls and characteristics in the car, with your kid.

-Dashboard controls

-Steering wheel and seat adjustment

-Mirror adjustment

-Turn signals



-Warning indicator lights on dashboard



Start in low-speed, low-traffic areas

In fact, before even starting on real streets, take your teen in an empty parking lot and make sure that first they are comfortable with the basic operations of the car, such as checking the mirrors, changing gears, intensity of gas/break, locate the blind spots…

Once these steps are mastered, take your lessons to quiet streets, where they will practice stopping at stop signs, staying on one side of the road…


Focus on their weaknesses

Once you feel that your new driver is starting to improve on their driving skills, start tackling the points where you notice they need more practice. Typically, these are: stopping and accelerating smoothly, signals and turns, changing lanes, checking mirrors and blind spots, maintaining correct speed, sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists…

As they become more at ease, continue to expose your teen to different times of day, levels of traffic, and weather conditions.

While you’re taking matters into your own hands, your kids must also be attending a mandatory driving school. As a result, with your teachings accompanied with the instructor’s, your teen will be well prepared to hit the road in a safe and secure conduct.