23 August 2016

4 Essential Accessories to Travel with Your Pet

Planning to travel with your four-legged friend?

Some accessories are a must if you want to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Safety Net or Grid Separation

You want to prevent your pet from getting into the passenger seat?

By purchasing a net or a grid of separation, you will be able to drive safely!


Source: Aquacars


Safety Belt or Cage

If you have smaller animals, a safety belt or cage can be very useful in order to prevent your pet from getting hurt or from hurting you in an accident!




Seat or Trunk Cover

Your car mat turned into a hair mat? With a seat or trunk cover, you can easily wash all the hair off and keep your car clean.

housse-de-protection-de-la-banquette-arriere (1)




Your pet has difficulty jumping in the trunk?

A ramp will enable him to easily climb inside the vehicle.