07 January 2019

5 Automotive Systems Essential to Driving

Here are 5 automotive systems essential for driving safely on the roads.

ABS or ABR system

The ABS or ABR brake system allows you to maintain control of your car by preventing your wheels from blocking when you have to brake suddenly on a slippery surface.

If you do not have this system, be sure to « pump » your brakes.

Rear-view camera

The rear-view camera gives you a better view of the rear of your vehicle when it’s in reverse, and alerts you when you approach an obstacle, to avoid accidents.


Navigation system

Some vehicles are now equipped with in-car navigation systems, allowing you to find your way, and often avoid traffic.

Source: Astrosurf

Cruise control

For long periods on the road, the cruise control becomes very convenient, allowing you to rest your legs by establishing directly on the vehicle the speed at which you want to drive. You can also control the speed with the buttons, if you want to decrease or increase it.

Source: Blog Vivacar

Emergency braking assistance

This system will brake for you if you have not pressed the brake pedal hard enough to avoid accidents in an emergency.

Source: YouTube