09 February 2018

5 Car Makes Favoured By NFL Players

Exotic cars are one item that is synonymous with professional American football players. With millions of dollars paid as wages annually, it is not surprising that they tend to go for expensive automobiles.

Here is a list of exotic cars used by top professional NFL players.


One of the most common Audi car driven by American football players is the Audi R8. With the average Audi R8 without customisation going for as high as $250,000. The car has found itself onto the professional racetracks around the world and, with its sporty looks, has attracted many car enthusiasts. Owners include Tom Brady (Patriots) and Jay Cutler (Bears).


Bentley is one car associated with wealthy and affluent individuals around the world. American Football players aren’t left out in the list of individuals sporting a Bentley. With the average Bentley costing up to $300,000, it attracted NFL players like Darren McFadden (Raiders), Robert Griffin III (Redskins) and Joe Haden (Browns).


Known for its perfect interior and speed, this automobile monster is not left out among American football players. With an enormous price tag for the average model of the Lamborghini, professional American football players are beginning to flaunt these speed monsters on their various social media pages and training camps, such as Joe Haden (Browns) and Michael Bennett (Seahawks), and Reggie Bush (Lions).


Known for its durability, comfort, speed, and multipurpose use, Mercedes-Benz is gradually becoming a holy grail among football players. From the G-wagon series than to the Maybach series, professional football players are known for their ownership of this German machine. Top NFL players such Joe Haden (Browns), Patrick Willis (49ers), Ray Rice (Ravens), Delanie Walker (Titans) and Deon Grant (retired) and Aldon Smith (49ers) are all members of the Mercedes-Benz gang.

Rolls Royce

No other car offers the type of class and prestige like the Rolls Royce. With the average Roll Royce going for around $500,000 to a million-dollar, professional NFL players with hefty weekly paycheck are beginning to add this car to their car toys. It is not a big deal for NFL players such as Tom Brady (Patriots) and Joe Haden (Browns).