02 May 2017

5 Car Technologies of the Future

There is no doubt about the fact that technology is advancing at the speed of light, even in the car industry. And let’s just say that the car of the future doesn’t just want to drive you. It wants to know you.

Here are the top 5.


Your car will adjust the lighting, the music, the seats and mirrors, according to the driver. The main goal is for your vehicle to be like your friend, helping you with your tasks, such as building a shopping list and where you want to travel. Your car will be able to detect your mood and choose a ‘’happier route’’ according to that.

Source: Kia

Health monitor

In future cars, sensors will be installed in its seats which evaluate posture, and your seatbelts will be able to monitor respiration. This could allow an intelligent car to know if a driver is having a heart attack or falling asleep at the wheel. It will also call the paramedics if need be.

Source: Digital Trends


Soon, you will not need a key to unlock your doors or start your car. By scanning your fingertips or your eyeball, your vehicle will automatically recognize its owner and will follow all your instructions.

Source: Tech 2

Screen shield

Technology will be integrated on your vehicle’s windows. They will turn into digital screens, allowing its passengers to surf the web, watch T.V or like pictures on Facebook. The windshield will also be able to be converted into a screen for videoconferencing.

Source: Car Window

Two in one

Drive an SUV on weekdays and your convertible on the weekend? Those days will be long gone. Soon, you will purchase a car that will give you options on the body of your car. Imagine having two vehicles in one. Press a button and have your sports car turned into a truck.

Source: Youtube