14 June 2017

6 Best Car Accessories For Men

Nothing can come between a man and his car. And as father’s day is approaching, we thought what better gift but one for his baby, also known as, his vehicle. Whether they’re headed to their workplace, a campsite or anywhere else – a few accessory upgrades will get them there in comfort and style.

Car cables, phone/laptop charger, USB cables in 1: Antigravity Battery.

Source: Twisted Throttle

Heininger’s DashGrip gel pads to hold his essentials in place

Source: Heininger

Griot’s tire repair kit

Source: Griot’s Garage

In-Car Wi-Fi/Hotspot

Source: O2

Rear view mirror covering all angles

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

Neck protector

Source: Groupon