03 August 2018

6 of the Best Songs that Talk About Cars

Since cars are part of our daily lives, several singers have incorporated them in their songs and video clips.

Some songs are even completely dedicated to cars.

Sleeping in my car by Roxette

An icon of the ’90s, Sleeping in my car has become one of the biggest hits by the Swedish band Roxette. In the video clip, the group was able to showcase several vintage cars.

Baby you can drive my car by The Beatles

Who does not know this classic? It’s impossible not to sing aloud on this song if it plays on the radio while you’re driving.

On the road again by Canned Heat

On the road has survived the ages, to be recognized as one of the great songs of the sixties, especially thanks to the distinct voice of the singer.

Shut up and drive by Rihanna

The very popular video of this song has been seen thousands of times, and also shows a car race between sports cars.

Ma Benz by Brigitte

Throughout the song, the group refers to driving, and of course to the popular Mercedes-Benz. Resumed more recently, this song is definitely a talking point.

Mon nom est Fuego by Richard Lord

Known for producing popular songs at the launch of new cars, Richard Lord created this song at the launch of the Renault Fuego in 1980. Described by some as a musical horror, you are left to judge its quality.