10 October 2018

6 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the causes of the most fatal accidents in Quebec. To avoid being distracted while driving, here are some tips!

Prepare yourself before taking the road

Before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, make sure you are well prepared. Avoid putting on makeup while driving or even eating your breakfast. If needed, get up early to get ready before you go!


Look out your route before leaving

In order to stay focused on the road while travelling, check your route in advance before leaving home.

Source: Queens Jewish Link

Avoir being too curious

When driving, avoid being too curious by watching previous accidents, for example, and keep your eyes on the road, in order to avoid an accident yourself.

Source: Fine Art America
Creative Photograph – Keep Your Eyes On The Road by Semmick Photo

Make sure your children and pets are properly seated

To be able to keep your attention on the road, make sure before leaving that your children and your animals are properly seated, with the seatbelt on, and thus safe.

Source: Parenting

Hide your cellphone

It’s not a secret for anyone; answering the phone or texting while driving is the cause of many accidents. To avoid the temptation, store your cell in a place that is out of reach when you drive.

Source: Neowin

Download an application

To avoid being disturbed while driving, download an application that will inform those who are trying to reach you that you are currently unavailable. Some apps also block your cell to prevent you from using it while driving.

Source: AddictiveTips