22 July 2020

6 Unusual Traffic Signs

All over the world, road signs are used to properly guide drivers and help them better understand the roads. On the other hand, some are so original that they deserve a photo stop.

Here are a few from Quebec and around the world.

Priority to Frogs


Although you are used to giving way to other motorists, in Sweden you may also be asked to give way to frogs!

Watch Out For Penguins

In South Africa, you are asked to look under your vehicle, in case you should find penguins taking refuge there.

Don’t Laugh

A small village in the UK kindly asks you not to make fun of their village name.

Good Luck!

In New Zealand, they wish you good luck in understanding this traffic sign.

Extreme Confusion

Source: CBC News

In Nova Scotia, you might come across this very confusing sign. In fact, a company has used several old road signs to create a large billboard, but the sign was left blank when a contract with a local hotel ended.

Bring Your Lifejacket!

In Montreal, are cars being asked to drive on water? Certainly a funny way to reduce traffic, but at least no construction to do on this road!