27 August 2016

7 Cars Inspired by Animals

The animals are a great source of inspiration for automakers that try to give their cars personalities of their own.

Knowing the characteristics of these animals and their character traits, it’s hard not to want to transfer them to the cars.

Here are some models with animal names.


Ford Mustang

Built in 1964, the Mustang was inspired by the wild horses of the West of the USA, known for its strength and as a great symbol of the Western culture.



Chevrolet Impala

The Impala was originally a prototype from the Corvette. Hence its name, which comes from these amazingly swift and graceful antelopes.



Dodge Ram

The RAM truck is intended to be as robust as the male sheep, who will not hesitate to charge you if he’s upset.



Corvette Stingray

The first Corvette was very innovative, because it was the first car to have a fiberglass body. It was named Stingray in reference to the flattened fish, that has a sting you need to be cautious of.



Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman favours power, as do Caimans, which are part of the crocodile family.



Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle was the first car built by Volkswagen. It was given this affectionate nickname because of its round shape, similar to the one of a beetle.



Nissan Bluebird

Model that is no longer produced since 2001; the Bluebird refers to the bird that is recognized as a symbol of joy.