05 January 2018

8 Tricks to Save on Gas

Filling up our gas tank is something we all do almost every week, religiously. It also is no secret that the cost of gas is constantly on the rise.

Which is why, we need to start being smart about the way we use our vehicles, and save wherever we can. Thankfully, we found a few tricks that could help!

Monitor your brakes

You should always keep a distance between your car and the one in front of you when in traffic, to avoid frequent breaking, which causes a big waste of gas.

Public transport

The more obvious thing to do would be to use buses, subways or trains more often. Trying to balance a little bit of both will be more profitable for your pocket.

Turn off your engine

When waiting in the car, it’s always better to turn the engine off. You might not feel it, but simply having the vehicle running causes a major gas waste.

Drive steady

It is no surprise that the faster you drive the more gas you burn. Therefore, you should always be following the limit, and driving smoothly to conserve fuel.

Pump up your tires

Always make sure that your tire pressure is right, because it does effect fuel consumption.

Planning is key

You should be planning your route before you head out the door. Avoid traffic hours and busy streets, in order to save on your gas.

Combine your errands

Once your engine is up and running, try to make all the stops that you can at the same time. When your car is parked, the engine gets cold and uses much more fuel to start. It is better to combine all your errands into one big trip.


Go easy on the heating and air conditioning, as they both require fuel to operate.

Open your windows and save gas!