20 October 2017

9 Best Cars For Long Commuters

Our car can sometimes feel like a second home to us.

Although public transport is accessible, driving to work is still what the majority of us do. Therefore, you want your vehicle to be not only comfortable, but also fuel economical and technologically advanced. Reliability is another key factor. Unpredictable road conditions can put serious wear and tear on a vehicle.

Start by exploring this mix of new cars and SUVs, which can make commuting more of a joy than a chore.

Chevrolet Volt

Source: drivesunrisechevy

Nissan Leaf

Source: Nissan Canada

Kia Forte

Source: Kia Motors

Mazda 3

Source: Pinterest

Toyota Prius


Volkswagen Passat

Source: Car and Driver

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Source: Motor Trend

Honda Civic

Subaru Legacy

Source: Motor Trend