06 May 2016

A Treat For Mom

You want to offer a personalized gift for a mom in your life?
You want to do an activity with her that she will hold in her memory?
Here are some ideas for you!

For moms with young children

1 – Ask the following questions to your child and write the answers. Give it to mom in the form of a greeting card or a creative work done by your child:
Describe mom.
What does mom do during the day?
Tell me what you like most about mom?
Tell me about what mom likes.

2 – Take a family picture and ask your child to do a DIY frame.


For moms with older children

1 – Why not sign up for a sport with your mother?
By doing Zumba, yoga, spinning, or any other sports, you have the opportunity to motivate yourselves to be in shape while spending quality time together!

2 – Cook with mom, by following a cooking class together. If you have a smaller budget, you can also invite your grandmother and aunts at home to share family recipes!
In addition, you will have food for the week!


Happy Mother’s Day!