16 May 2016

Buy a Car, Plant a Tree


Aware and sensitive to the importance of the boreal forest, HGregoire, in collaboration with Tree Canada, will plant a tree for every vehicle sold, from May 16 to June 16.

Trees play a fundamental role in the fight against climate change and we know that planting is an effective solution to fight against pollution. Since the car industry is one of the largest air pollution sources, HGregoire, as a leader of the used car business in Quebec, wishes to contribute, in its way, to protect the environment. Therefore, HGregoire will plant more than 500 trees with this program.

« The used vehicle industry is already greener, because it gives a second life to a vehicle and reduces the number of cars in circulation. At HGregoire, we want to do more, and that’s why we have adopted a more ecological vision. Our tree planting activity is included in this vision », John Hairabedian, President.

HGregoire will continue to develop further efforts in this direction in the coming years.