16 May 2017

Buy a car, plant a tree

From May 16 to June 16, HGregoire, in collaboration with Tree Canada, will plant a tree for each vehicle sold, as the well-being of the environment is something they hold close to their hearts.

Aware of the negative impact that the automotive industry has on air quality, HGregoire, being Canada’s largest pre-owned vehicle dealership, wishes to participate in the preservation of the boreal forest. Thus, HGregoire plans to plant more than 500 trees this year, with this program.

This is the second year of collaboration between Tree Canada and HGregoire. Last year, the same partnership allowed the planting of nearly 500 red oaks near Kazabazua, in the Outaouais, replacing the jack pines that were affected by a fungal disease. Trees planted in this area are essential for the protection of watersheds and wildlife. Thanks to HGregoire and its customers, a total of 1,000 trees have been planted in the region.

« As a committed company in our community, we want to continue encouraging initiatives that are consistent with our greener vision. Our collaboration with Tree Canada, and the planting of 500 new trees in 2017, allows us to pursue our efforts in this direction », John Hairabedian, President.

Over the next few years, HGrégoire will continue to be involved in supporting important causes.