27 December 2018

Driving With a Trailer: Tips and Regulations

Here are some important tips and regulations to follow in order to drive properly with a trailer.

Rules to be respected

A set of security obligations must be respected during loading. The trailer must be compact, fixed, solid and well covered. It must not affect your field of vision, hide the lights, or disturb the driving or balance of the vehicle.

Source: Permis Pratique

The way of driving

Be sure to always use your turn signals when driving past or over a new lane, and avoid sudden movements.

Keep a good distance with the vehicle ahead of you, because the weight of the trailer will require more braking time.

Remember to slow down before approaching a turn. In case you pass a vehicle, you must ensure that you respect the necessary distance between this vehicle and your trailer before changing lanes. Also take the time to check your trailer by making stops from time to time.

Load your trailer properly

Load it in such a way that it does not risk swaying on one side in the traffic, especially to avoid problems when cornering.

Do not put on your hitch a load greater than the actual capacities and respect the indicated limits.

Source: Mutuelle des Motards