24 August 2016

Fun Facts about Animals and Car

Want to learn some interesting facts that will impress everyone you know?
Here are some facts about animals and cars!

Why do dogs like to put their heads out of the window?

There are several theories that try to explain why dogs like to put their head out of the window of a car.

In fact, they do it is to admire the view, to cool off with the wind or to smell all the new different smells.



Over 500 billion insects are killed each year by cars

Researchers have calculated that, in the Netherlands, more than 500 billion insects die every year when they collide with a car.

Since this study only takes into account the data of the Netherlands, imagine the number of insects killed worldwide!




Motorists kill more deer than hunters

Biologists estimate that motorists kill more deer than hunters, in Utah.

Fortunately, the number decreases every year!