19 April 2017

HGregoire Econo : Think Green

We are all pretty much aware of our planet’s ecological standpoint, and we could all agree that it’s not too great. If you really want to do something about global warming by reducing your ecological footprint, get a used car. You’ll be putting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

At HGregoire Econo, the name says it all—we offer a wide selection of vehicles to customers looking for low-priced cars. Our cars are inspected according to the SAAQ’s standards and come with a vehicle condition report.

There are far more environmental advantages about postponing replacement purchases of cars, to keep what’s already made out of the waste stream and to delay the additional environmental costs of making something new.

Aside from the planet, buying a used car is also great on your wallet. With HGregoire Econo, you’re dealing directly with Quebec’s leading used car dealership.