24 April 2018

Hit A Pothole? Here’s What You Should Do

Hitting a pothole with your car is never fun. The moment you hit it with your car, you start to cringle imagining all the damage that one hole has caused your sweet baby.

Many times, the pothole isn’t that big so your car is most likely fine. But some can be deep and damage your tires; these are the ones you have to worry about, especially if you’re traveling at fast speeds.

So if you know you’ve hit a pretty deep pothole, here’s what you should do.

Pull over and check for damage

You can feel the big potholes, so if this one feels worse than any of the other smaller ones you’ve hit before, pull over and check your car for damage. Look particularly at your wheels and tires for damage. If you can’t see anything, there might still be damage, so when you get back into the car, look out for vibrations or your car pulling to one side, which means you should get your car checked by a professional.

Take notes

To remember the pothole, remember on where it was located, how big it was and where in the road so that you can report it to local officials for fixing. If you can, take photos of it and use an item to give the hole some scale so that its depth and size can be taken seriously.

Fix your car and make a claim

If your car had any damage, get it fixed and keep all quotes, invoices and receipts so that you can submit your claim to the council that’s responsible for the local roads. You can also report it to your insurance, but it’ll be considered as a single car accident, which is the same thing as an at-fault accident, meaning you’re at fault and will have to pay your deductible.