08 November 2018

How to Avoid Aquaplaning?

How to avoid hydroplaning?

Check the condition of your tires

The first strategy to avoid aquaplaning is to always check the condition of your tires. If your tire is too much or too little inflated, the risk of aquaplaning is higher because it will have less grip on the road. That’s why you need to control the pressure of your tires so that it is at a stable level.

Drive slow

While driving, it’s very important to lower your speed when it rains heavily, or if there’s a large amount of water is on the road, because you may lose control more easily. If you see a puddle arrive, slow down and stay focused.

Avoid sudden braking

If you brake, you risk losing control of your vehicle, so avoid sudden braking and be sure to slow down your speed.

Stay calm

Pay attention to the road, and above all, stay in control of the situation!