19 July 2017

How to Change a Tire in 10 Steps

Park in a safe place

Before changing your tire, park in a safe place, as far as possible from traffic, and on a flat ground.

Place a heavy object in front of the tires

Place a heavy object, such as a log of wood or a rock, in front of the tires.

Get your spare wheel and tools

In the trunk of your car, you should find the spare wheel, a jack, a key to loosen the bolts and an instruction manual.

Source: Wired

Use your jack first

Use your jack by placing it under the chassis, near the wheel that needs to be changed. Normally, you should see a notch in front of or behind the wheel where the jack needs to be placed.

Then, block it by lifting it, without lifting the car.

Source: faclic

Remove the wheel cap

Loosen the bolts, without removing them, and remove the wheel cap. Make sure the wheel is not rotating.

Source: Youtube

Lift the tire

Using the jack, lift the tire, making sure your car remains stable.

Source: Somoda Citroën

Remove the tire

Remove all bolts first from the tire and then remove the tire.

Install the spare wheel

Be sure to align the tire holes in the rods, then tighten the bolts until they lock. Be careful not to put your tire upside down!

Source: DriverSide

Put the car down

Put the car down using your jack until it rests on the ground.

Source: Entretien voiture – Ooreka

Replace the wheel cap

Retighten all bolts and replace your wheel cap. You can now drive your vehicle to a garage!

Source: Youtube