20 November 2018

How to Get Your Car Out of a Mud Hole?

If, unfortunately, your vehicle gets stuck under the mud, there are effective solutions that you can use to get out of trouble. Here are a few.

A boost from passengers

If you are lucky enough not to be alone in the vehicle, it’s time to ask your passengers for help, so that they can push your vehicle while you press on the acceleration.

If you are lucky, some other motorists could even stop to help you.

Make space around the wheels of the vehicle

Be sure to clear the track around the front and rear tires. We must also remember to remove the mud that is piled up under the wheels. Once the path cleared, maneuver slightly to get your vehicle out.

Increase the grip of the vehicle wheels

If you do not have the necessary equipment, you can use wood, cardboard, stones or even the floor mat of your car to allow your tires to have more grip. However, remember not to damage your car tires with the use of unsuitable objects.

Deflate your tires a little

Less inflated wheels allow you to have good traction on a minimum distance to disembark your vehicle. Be sure to inflate them properly soon after!