16 November 2018

How to Optimize Your Business Route?

Between traffic jams, blocked roads and bad itineraries, motorists sometimes lose a lot of time on the road, especially those who mainly work behind the wheel of their car. The ideal is to opt for planning or route optimization solutions.


Waze is an application that turns your phone into GPS. The driver thus receives all the information relating to the state of the road traffic, and this, in real time, on accidents, obstacles, roads blocked for work, traffic jams, and others. Waze will be in a better position to guide you and help you reduce the time of your trip. And with voice control, you can focus more on your journey without touching your phone.

Descartes Route Planner

Descartes Route Planner is another effective solution for planning and managing your route properly. It’s a web platform with a lot of features to help you keep track of your car’s condition and evaluate the time to make deliveries in the best possible time. This road planning solution is accessible on the web. The Descartes Route Planner web interface solution is perfect for all professionals and individuals.


TrackRoad is therefore a sophisticated road planning software, an essential device for any kind of route. With updated Microsoft Virtual Earth maps, you’ll have all the necessary geographic information to complete your journey and save the most time.