25 January 2022

How to protect your battery in cold weather

With the extreme cold of winter, problems with battery-related breakdowns are quite frequent. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help you avoid these problems.

Turn off all your accessories

To help your car start, your battery needs to be less strained. So, if you turn off the heating, the radio, and all the other accessories that you normally leave open, you’re putting the odds in your favor.

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Have your battery checked

The average battery life is about 5 years.

It is therefore important to have your battery checked by your mechanic before the start of winter, because he will be able to tell you whether or not it needs to be replaced.

You can also do it yourself with a voltmeter.

A working battery should be around 12.4-12.8V.

If the voltage is between 12 and 12.3V, your battery needs to be recharged.

If it is below this bar, it is probably due to be changed.

How Many Volts Are In A Car Battery? | Advance Auto PartsSource: Advance Auto Parts

Drive your car often, and for long periods

Car batteries don’t like to sit still, and will discharge if left unused.

Make sure you take your car regularly during the week and drive it on the roads for at least 20 minutes without turning off the engine.

You’ll actually have to drive it on the road, because just letting it run idle won’t recharge your battery.

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Get yourself a charger or a block heater

You can also simply get an automatic charger to keep your battery plugged in without damaging it by avoiding overcharging.

Before a severe cold, simply plug it in until the next use of your car.

With teleworking, this option could be practical!

The engine block heater will help to less strain the battery.

You can plug it in two to three hours before using your car.

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There you go, take care of your battery, it will last you longer!

Have a good winter everyone!