16 May 2018

How To Stay Green With Your Car

Even if you don’t drive a hybrid or an EV, you can still be green with your current vehicle by doing a few things that are environment-friendly.

It’s important to protect the environment and as a motorist, you’ll want to reduce your car’s carbon footprint as much as possible so here are a few ways to stay green.

Have a service schedule

Making sure your vehicle is running up to par can be good for you, the car and the environment. Doing things like keeping your tires inflated, checking the car’s engine performance and replacing the filters regularly will help reduce the emissions your car puts out, as well as help with fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run! Follow the recommended service schedule for your car and you and your vehicle will be greener for it.

Buy a used car

By limiting how many new cars you get over your lifetime, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also save the environment by not having so many new ones out in the world.

Recycle old tires, batteries, and fluids

Protect the planet by properly recycling or disposing parts, like tires, batteries, motor oil and other fluids instead of just dumping them anywhere. And make sure the mechanic you go to follows the same rule.

Drive smarter

The way you drive can really impact your car’s performance, fuel economy and the environment. Follow the speed limit, avoid sudden stops and just drive strategically so that you’re not driving as much. Also avoid excessive idling to decrease emissions.

Check your car’s gas cap

A cracked, loose or damaged gas cap will allow gas to escape from the gas tank as vapor, thus wasting fuel and letting out more vehicle emissions.