25 June 2016

Once Upon a Time HGregoire: Innovative Ideas

Since the beginning of its story, HGregoire worked hard to meet the expectations of its customers.

This is why the company places the consumer at the center of its activities, and is building its service offering accordingly.

To meet an ever growing customer base, HGregoire innovates in the market with new revolutionary ideas.

Since the founding of the company, in 1993, the objective was to facilitate the process of buying a used vehicle for all consumers.

The automotive world was destabilized by the opening of the first HGregoire superstore in St-Eustache in 2004. Customers came to this new store in large numbers, and lined up at the entrance. This had never happened before in Quebec!

HGregoire thus becomes the new standard of quality in the used car industry. Since then, HGregoire hasn’t stopped innovating to simplify the purchase of a vehicle.

Over the past year, with the launch of its website, a magnifying glass tool as been added, so that customers can scrutinize each vehicle on our website and analyze all the details.

In addition, customers can reserve their car on our website, no purchase necessary, for 48 hours. It ensures that the vehicle will not be sold during this period.

« Our first goal is to help consumers to shop with ease, » said John Hairabedian, President. « This is only the beginning of our efforts to make a transactional website. »

The HGregoire Group is expanding and has set a goal to continue to simplify the purchase of a car for all consumers.