10 October 2017

Second Edition of the 3KM for Opération Enfant Soleil

HGregoire organized, once again this year, a 3KM obstacle race for Opération Enfant Soleil.

For the second edition, HGregoire doubled its contribution by giving $ 10 per participant.

We have raised a total of $ 1,150!

Thanks to all our participants :

Julie, Catherine, Jean-Marc-, Philippe and his sons, Linda, Stéphanie, Tyler, Madyson, Roxanne, Yanik, Samuel, Lucie, Benoit and his daughters, Valéry, Hatem and his sons, Jonathan, Nathalie, Véronique, Patrick, Vincent, Charles-Antoine, Gassia, Noémia, Chanel, Sébastien, Harry, Alexandre, Victor, Mathieu, Marie-Ève, Yannick, Jérôme, Maurice and his wife, Gilles, Bill, Vanessa, André, Karen, Christine, Charles-William, Carine, Sam, Marie-Ève, Alice, Pierre-Luc, Alexandre, Christina, Lisa, Samuel, Krystel, Marina, Guylaine, Geraldo, Jocelyne, Marc-Antoine, Kim, Samuel, Marie-France, Lorie, Maude, Jinny, Lise, Alfio, André et Justin.

To discover HGregoire’s involvement, go to the Humanity page.