08 March 2016

Three Inventions by Women in Automobile


To celebrate Women’s Day, here are three inventions made by women in the automobile industry.

The windshield wipers

In 1903, Mary Anderson invented the windshield wipers!
Indeed, after noticing that drivers had to stop regularly to clean their windshields, the idea of ​​creating a mobile arm came to her.
On the arm, she installed a piece of rubber. The arm is then activated from inside the car.


Heating system

Although in 1893 most cars were still open, this did not prevent Margaret A. Wilcox from inventing a car heater.
Indeed, she has created a system to warm the feet of car drivers via hot air from the engine.


The wireless transmission technology

Although this invention is not specific to the car, one can hardly imagine living without this technology, which allows us to use our GPS.
The pioneer of this technology is Hedy Lamarr, who created a communication system used during World War II.