31 July 2017

Top 10 Trucks

Who doesn’t love a good old pick-up truck? It’s true that trucks have a specific clientele; however we all seem to need one too from time to time. If you’re that person that always has a bunch of things to move around, you’ve come to the right place. Also, the truck division of the automotive industry remains the most competitive one. Consequently, companies are in constant growth, in order to please their demanding customers.

Here are our top favorite 10 trucks.

Ford F-150

Source: Motor Trend

Chevrolet Colorado

Source: Car and Driver

GMC Canyon

Source: Car and Driver

GMC Sierra 1500


Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Source: Chevrolet

Ram 1500

Source: Motor Trend Canada

Nissan Frontier

Source: Nissan Canada

Toyota Tundra

Source: Motor Trend

Honda Ridgeline

Source: Motor Trend Canada

Nissan Titan XD

Source: Nissan USA