13 August 2020

Top 5 Cars to Install Baby Seats

Looking for a new car for your growing family where you won’t struggle to fit an infant car seat?

Some models are definitely more suitable than others. Here are 5 of them.

Toyota Camry

The sedan model of this car was adjusted in 2018, so that the lower LATCH anchors are now easier to access. In addition, the rear bench is flat, which allows the seat to stay in place. Finally, with its rear doors wider than other models in its class, you can easily take you car seat in and out of the car.

Transform Your Drive In The 2019 Toyota Camry | Toyota CanadaSource: Toyota

Volkswagen Passat

Another sedan that stands out, so much so that the IIHS has named it one of the best cars to fit a car seat in. In addition to the very easy-to-access lower LATCH anchors, a spacious and flat rear bench, you’ll find plenty of rear legroom, which can be handy when setting up the seat. The lower LATCH anchors are in plain view for one of the easiest installations.

2020 Volkswagen Passat Release Date | Volkswagen Santa MonicaSource: Volkswagen

Nissan Maxima

The sedan, which was redesigned in 2019 to become even safer and technologically advanced, offers a little extra for parents looking to install a seat. The lower LATCH anchors have been colored blue, to help parents find them more easily

2020 Nissan Maxima | Sports Sedan | Nissan CanadaSource: Nissan

Kia Sedona

When it comes to minivans, the Sedona stands out for the ease of installing car seats. What makes it one is the best is the middle bench, which is flat and easily adjustable, in addition to being equipped with easily spotted lower LATCH anchors. Even the back bench is easily accessible to install a seat, and the size of the doors specific to a minivan are still very useful for large families and multiple luggages.

Kia Canada - vehicles.sedona.modelrangeSource: Kia

Ford Edge

Do you have more than one child? You will probably need to install several seats. Luckily, with the Ford Edge, it is possible to fit three car seats in the back seat, which is a big plus for this model. The lower LATCH anchors are very easy to access, and you can even recline the seat back for better access. Here, too, the doors are large and the floor is lower, making it easier to install the seat.

2020 Ford® Edge SUV | Efficient and Comfortable | Ford.comSource: Ford