04 October 2017

Valérie Limoges, Racing Driver

The very competitive world of motor racing is a world on its own. To find out more about it, we chated with Valérie Limoges, racing driver.

How did you get into car racing?

I started racing with a kart, at the age of 12. It was my father who initiated me and I immediately loved it!

He then bought me my first competition kart the following Christmas!

What driver did you look up to when you were growing up?

Danilo Rosi, an Italian driver renowned in kart racing. He won a couple of world championships in karting. He was my idol!

I’ve met him a couple of times while racing in Italy and Las Vegas.

Which race in your career will you never forget?

My first participation in the 24 h of Daytona, in 2007, with the Ford USA team, driving a Mustang Shelby.

Where does your motivation to win come from?

I never do anything halfway! I like the competition and makes me feel good 😊.

I like to accomplish things and inspire people to do the same!

What ype of driver are you?

Competitive! And I’m always very motivated.

On track, I like to analyze others and I’m able to be patient and wait for the right moment before acting. And that comes with experience, I think.

If you could switch lives with an athlete from another sport, who would you want to be?

Sidney Crosby, in hockey. I find it very impressive to see that he’s always the best year after year. He’s very inspiring.

What’s you opinion on women in racing?

I strongly believe that women have their place in this sport and I hope to motivate many to persevere.

No, it’s not easy, but you must not give up your passion!

I am lucky enough to be able to continue racing, thanks to partners who have supported me and have believed in me since the beginning, including HGregoire. I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the team, including Greg and Michelle Therrien, whom I will never forget. She was also a good example of a woman who succeeded in a men’s world.