22 March 2021

Virtual tour of the INFINITI Q50 2019

The 2019 Q50 encompasses all of the most advanced safety innovations, but gives you maximum enjoyment while leaving you in control. Let’s take the tour together!

Discover the 2019 INFINITI Q50 in this video (French only)

With its luxurious allure, it is equipped to turn heads. Particularly with its front grille, classic to the brand, which makes all INFINITIs easily recognizable.

The LED headlights feature an adaptive lighting system, and automatically pivot in the direction the vehicle is turning. New to the 2019 model is the arch at the rear and the insertion of the headlights into the chrome bar.

The Q50 was designed with heavy-duty steel to better protect you in the event of a crash.

It also has intelligent cruise control, which accelerates or decelerates depending on the speed of the vehicle in front of you. As well as coming with smart all-wheel drive, the Q50 has a 300 horsepower Biturbo V6 engine with 295 feet of torque, which will give you great acceleration!

Now inside, in addition to being very spacious, comfort is at its maximum with the 8 adjustments of the driver’s seat, including lumbar support.

In terms of technology, it is equipped with 16 BOSE speakers, 2 touch screens with navigation, a remote starter directly on the key, and which is also accessible from your phone thanks to the InTouch application.

Another innovation is the automatic recognition of the smart key! Your 2 keys are associated with different parameters that you can pre-register. Depending on which key is in the vehicle, the position of the seats, air conditioning, radios, and more will automatically adjust.

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