18 April 2017

What Are Recycled Tires Turned Into?

Every person that drives a car has a minimum of four tires. Every person that lives in Quebec and drives a car has a minimum of eight tires. That’s a lot of tires. That is why we thought that it’s important to be informed about their after-life.

Once your tires have served their central purpose, you should unquestionably recycle them. Due to the fact that they are non-biodegradable, if tires are not recycled properly they can become a challenging source of waste.

In the industrial world, recycled tires are used for several purposes. Some are turned into other tires, others are used for construction material. However, the majority of them are altered into moulded rubber products or rubber-modified asphalt. Tire pyrolysis is another form of recycling tires, during which they are turned into fuel.

Stacks of tires are also used on race tracks, to prevent the clash of dangerous crashes.

Source: Electric Dreams’ slot cars

There are various other things that you could do with your old tires. A classic one is converting them into swings for play.

Source: Hipp’s Help

You can also use them as exercise equipment.