25 November 2020

What Are the Best Breathalyzers?

After a few drinks, no one is a good judge of their own driving skills. Obviously, not consuming alcohol before driving is still the safest decision.

However, it’s still possible to test yourself with a reliable breathalyzer before you get behind the wheel.

CCA Quebec has tested 10 breathalyzers. Here are the four most efficient models available for sale to individuals.

  • MobileBreathalyzer BT-M5 de BACtrack ($140)   
  • S80 de BACtrack ($170)                                                       
  • APC-90 d’Alco Prevention Canada ($180)                 
  • i Alco Supreme d’Alco Prevention Canada ($160)      

Note that they are all equipped with an electrochemical battery and that they provided measurements similar to that of the Sûreté du Québec.

Detailed results of the breathalyzers evaluated

Source : Protégez-vous

These devices can therefore be useful in identifying whether your blood alcohol level is at risk, and thus preventing impaired driving. However, be aware that only breathalyzer tests administered by the police are valid in court.