02 October 2017

How Are Cars Recycled?

The automotive industry is one of the leading ones in the world. And, recycling is a crucial part of it.

Almost one hundred percent of vehicles are recycled by the end of their use. The items collected are sent out to other companies that then create various new products. Today, auto recycling is the 16th largest industry in the U.S. and generates about $25 million in annual revenue.

New tires

Around 60% of the elastic that is consumed in the U.S. yearly is utilized to make vehicle tires. Which is why, recycling old tires to make new ones facilitates elastic producers’ jobs to meet the needs of the fast growing automotive industry.

Source: Design we Need

New car frames

As terrible as it might look at this moment, the edge of your auto can be utilized to make new frames for other vehicles. In fact, the steel recycled from cars, is enough for about 13 million new ones.


Metal cans

All the metal cans that you see in the stores, ranging from Coke cans to paint cans, are all made out of steel and aluminium that comes from recycled vehicle parts.

Source: City of Davis

 Metal carts

The metal carts in the healthcare industry are also all produced from recycled car steels. This is not only good for our environment, but also costs less for the end users.

Source: hpnonline