18 June 2016

8 Activities to Do With Your Father on Father’s Day

Are you looking for activities to do with your father on this Father’s Day?
Here are some ideas for you:

Free Activities

If your dad is more of the outdoors and adventurous type, you can spend a day in the nature by going on a hiking trip in the old-port, enjoying the beautiful sceneries and exercising simultaneously.



Let your father have a relaxing day by staying in bed as long as he wants and getting his everyday chores done. The chores you can complete are the following: cleaning the house or backyard, mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, cooking dinner or washing his car.



A creative idea would be making him a Father’s Day Card and expressing your emotions inside it. Show him how much you love and appreciate him.



Finally, if you prefer to have a bigger event and if the weather is warm, you can organize a barbecue with your extended family. Celebrate all the fathers that attend the barbecue by finding fun and delicious recipes and serving them their favorite desert as well.



Activities You Have to Pay For

For the Fathers who like competitive activities, such as racing and speeding, you can take them to a go-karting track. This will bring out the child in them and give them a blast from the past.



If your father is a fisherman, bring your father to a relaxing fishing trip, while enjoying the beautiful nature all at the same time! Afterwards, you can cook the fish together and set up a nice meal.



For the sporty and louder fathers, they may enjoy receiving tickets to a specific sport or an artist. For example, if your dad loves watching the Montreal Impact or if he likes listening to Maroon 5, get him tickets to that event! Spend the day with him doing what he likes best!



If you see that your dad is very stressed at work, I am sure he would enjoy a relaxing day at the Spa! Getting a message, going in a sauna and relaxing in a Jacuzzi is known to relieve stress and tension.