05 June 2018

9 Tricks to Drive Better

Whether you’ve been driving for many years or just had your driving license, it is always worth trying to improve, to avoid accidents.

Keep your eyes on the road

Naturally, the driver will drive torwards where he stares. So you are more likely to have an accident if you are distracted by a nice car, for example, which passes in the left lane, since you may get closer to it involuntarily.

Slow down

To economize and stay safe, try driving slower on the road, and to respect the speed limits. Your wallet will thank you!

Avoid last minute braking

If you have passengers, last minute braking and sudden movements will make them think you’re a bad driver, so slow down and take into account the reaction time. The longer time you have to slow down, the better for your comfort and safety!

Study the road

It’s imperative to study the road conditions and the environment to avoid bad surprises. Stay alert, drive on the right lane as often as possible, and be patient!

Keep your distance

Keep a good distance with other drivers will help you avoid accidents, even if a driver is really slow and you want to pass him/her.

Use your horn, if necessary

The Code stipulates that the horn serves to signal your presence. If you think that a driver is not seeing you, use this device to tell him that you are there.

Expect anything

It’s better to drive more slowly near schools, where a child could come running at any time. In addition, if a car in front of you slows down a lot on a country road, wait before passing, because it’s possible that there is a moose just in front.

Prepare your exits

Communication and courtesy between drivers is necessary, especially if you come across a crisscrossing entrance and exit. Prepare in advance and stay patient!

Avoid distractions

Distractions, such as cell phones, are the second leading cause of fatal road accidents in Quebec, after speed. To avoid them is to protect yourself.