13 February 2019

How to Know If My Alternator is Damaged?

Since the alternator plays an important role in the functioning of a car, it’s important to ensure that it’s in good condition. Here are some warning signs that your alternator might be faulty.

When your electrical devices are malfunctionning

Since the alternator takes care of supplying your car with electricity, your lights may lose their intensity if it’s damaged. It’s also possible that all other electronic devices in your car will stop working.

When your car battery gets weak too fast

If your battery is recent, but is getting weaker, it’s likely that the problem comes from your alternator.

When the warning light comes on

Normally, the indicator warning that your alternator is damaged will come on if there is a problem. This warning light takes the form of a battery.

Source: GoodMecano

When there are odd smells or unusual sounds coming from your car

If the belts connected to your alternator are not working properly, they could heat up, causing an odour similar to  burning rubber .

It is also possible to hear unusual noises like squeaks if parts normally powered by the alternator aren’t any longer.