29 July 2021

Rental or pre-owned?

When it comes time to buy a vehicle, some of you may be wondering what is the best option between a used car or a rental car.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before making your decision.

The most important thing in all decisions is to take your needs into account. Do you need a vehicle for the short or medium term? Will you be driving long distances or short? If you have to travel many kilometers, the used car gives more freedom, having no mileage restrictions.

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Also, are you someone who likes to change cars? If this is the case, the rental will allow you to change models more regularly.

By purchasing a used vehicle, the car will be yours, which is not the case when renting a vehicle. A vehicle that is yours is a vehicle on which you can make modifications as you wish or even resell it.

Another point to consider: depreciation. In the case of a new vehicle, after only one year it will have lost 30% of its initial value. This drawback should be taken into account if you want to sell your vehicle within five years after its acquisition, for example. Because after five years, it is no longer 30, but 60% of its value that will have gone up in smoke.


That being said, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making any decisions and especially not to hesitate to ask questions. If necessary, our specialists are there to guide you.